The Beatles Brunch
Sabrina's Cafe Brunch Menu

*”Being for the Benedict of Mr. Kite” Eggs Benedict Florentine 10.95
Poached eggs, spinach, and hollandaise sauce on an English muffin. Additional toppings: Canadian bacon, bacon, scrapple, turkey bacon 1.00/ veggie sausage 3.69/ lox 2.50/ avocado and tomato 2.00

*”All You Need Is Brunch” Special Breakfeast 13.50
A grilled tri-onion Yukon gold potato basil hash brown cake topped with grilled ham, asparagus, arugula, and poached eggs finished with a warmed strawberry-red pepper-jalapeno jam.

“The Egg White Album” Special Egg White Omelette 10.95
Egg white omelette with cremini mushrooms, green peas, broccoli, sun-dried tomatoes, and arugula pesto cream cheese.

The “Helter Skillet” Mexi Special 11.95
Scrambled pepper jack eggs in a warmed sun-dried tomato flour tortilla with yellow rice, black beans, assorted bell peppers, hot Italian sausage, and avocado. Finished with a tomato-radish-pineapple-habanero salsa and lime sour cream.

“Pineapple Pancakes Forever” Special Pancakes 11.95
Whole wheat pancakes with diced pineapple and dried apricots topped with a peach-mango compote, banana-cinnamon butter, toasted coconut, and crumbled peanuts.

“Ain’t She Sweet?” Special Stuffed French Toast 11.95
Challah French toast stuffed with cream cheese filled with blueberry-molasses jam, crumbled Oreo cookies, candied orange slices, and dried cranberries. Topped with a berry-honey syrup, crumbled Oreos, and fresh blueberries.

“I’ll Fry Instead” Special Sandwich 12.95
Fried cornflake panko herb-crusted catfish on a Sarcones roll with napa cabbage topped with sliced jalapeno, pickled red onions, julienne carrots and cucumber,and a sriracha-mango-ginger aioli.

“Happiness Is a Warm Bun” Special ETA Burger 12.95
Grilled angus burger on brioche with mixed greens, tomato, melted brie, crispy bacon, a French bean-red onion slaw, and old-school French remoulade sauce.

Spencer ETA Burger, Sabrina’s “Brother Restaurant” serves up Burgers // Fries // & Milkshakes @ 34th & Powelton / University City

*”The Ballad of John and No-Yolk-o” Special Egg Sandwich 10.95
Scrambled egg whites on whole wheat wrap with feta cheese, fresh spinach, fresh bell peppers, red onions, roasted basil pesto chicken, and a roasted plum tomato-artichoke-basil aioli.

*Lovely Pita, Vegan Brunch 12.95
Warmed pita bread stuffed with a mixed chopped romaine salad of bell peppers, plum tomatoes, red onions, marinated artichokes, white beans and warm seitan dressed in a spring greens chimichurri.

Nachos (That’s What I Want) 12.95
Crispy corn tortillas topped with refried beans, turkey sausage, roasted herb-garlic-paprika-spiced potatoes, roasted peppers, long hot peppers, red onions, and cheddar cheese. Topped with pico de gallo and sour cream.

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